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Maren Courage

has worked extensively as a producer and director and has been involved in projects including Germany’s prime time drama Tatort.  She’s also been responsible for creating digital marketing tools, working with some of Germany’s leading on-screen talent including Matthias Schweighöfer, Heike Makatsch and Nora Tschirner. Commercial clients include Porsche, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment..


Das Team.


Oliver Autumn

has technical engineering and finance background, having held senior positions in companies in software development, corporate venture capital and film production. He was formerly the managing partner of software development company NetCoach GmbH and worked with companies including Audi, VW, and Siemens, then one of the forerunners supplying ‘multimedia’ to the industrial sector. Following the sale of the company, he advised as managing partner of the economic consultant agoenta GmbH venture capitalists and private entrepreneurs.


Our Partners.


Creatives Loop LTD & Co. KG

specialises in business development in the Film and Television industry, also working at the interface of Digital media and Games.



Metropolis VR

is creating and co-funding VR products that can be scaled and replicated in exchange for shared IP licenses and the right to monetize these products else where.



TV.Media Consult Hamburg

Sponsoring & Marketing for Film and TV.



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